Tuesday, April 30, 2019

TSOT #406 Spring flowers

Hello everyone, it's Try Stampin on Tuesday time again doesn't that just make you smile?  I
actually had time to stamp on Saturday. I am usually busy what with making cookies for the coming weeks lunch boxes for my "men."  I double the batch and put cookies in baggies in the freezer so that they have enough for the week.  I found if I didn't do this the  cookies disappeared during the week and then I was making again!!😒  This method works for us the cookies in the freezer are ONLY for lunches and the cookie tupperware container cookies are for eating.  I tell them when I see they are hitting them hard-When they're gone their gone!!!! till Saturday😊 and I make again.  I had a little girl over on Thursday to have a grandma/granddaughter day,  Mommy took the boys with her.  We had a fun day reading books, stamping 2 year old style (you're never to young to start --- right!!!😉) baking cookies for grandpa and uncles!!  Just a fun day all around!!! okay okay on with the important stuff right???!

Watercolor is the theme and I did two different kinds of that!  The background is made with reinkers and saran on Whisper White
1. lay a piece of wrap bigger than your card on your work surface.
2.  drop your choice of colors in in random order ( I used 3/4 blues)
3.  spritz with water
4.  scrunch up the wrap mixing the colors a bit leave scrunched up for a textured look
5. lay card stock on and press, pick up and see if you want to lay any section down again because it needs more ink.
6. lay card  down to dry or use heat gun if too impatient
7.  If you have plenty of ink you could do another piece, spritz with more water and do again
    I made three pieces, each one the color got lighter and colors were mixed more does it remind you
    of tie-died?

The second type of water coloring I did was with some Art Impression stamps on watercolor paper.
Stamp then add water to pull the color out a bit and give it a water colored look.
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I didn't bore you with all my chatter😏
Have a lovely day and I do hope many of you will join us.  I would love to know what you think of my card, leave me a comment. 😃

theme; Watercolor

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