Friday, October 10, 2014

My new Grandson!!!!

I just thought that since I hadn't added anything since last month I'd give anyone checking Vicki's Visions an update on what has been keeping us so busy!  My son Micah and his wife (who is 9 mo. pregnant)  are moving into a new house and we have been helping with that, Furniture moved on Oct. 8th and as a result of a BIG day we now have a new member!  James Allen was born Oct. 9th at 4:21 p.m. He was in foot breech position so they had to do a C-section.  everyone is doing well, Mom-Stephanie, Dad-Micah and little James is just fine also!!  soon maybe I'll be able to post some more crafting pictures but we are still in the moving stage,  the kids are actually in between two houses right now.  I will be getting at it soon(stamping that is) as  I do have an class coming up on the 14th that I need to finish putting together  Have a great day all.  -

TSOT 591. Fun panel card

 Our technique this time is layering. I decided to not follow the sketch and just do some layering. I’m not sure this is what they really me...