Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Try Stampin' on Tuesday #374


Hello everyone I'm so glad to be back!  I really do enjoy trying to come up with a card that will be an inspiration for you and possibly show you something new.  This card has the cut out windows in the front but on the inside it has a pop out panel.    There are many different types of cards that you could make with this concept. ( Directions will be listed below with picture of pop mechanism)

    Our theme is Anchors Away so I decided to do a water scene,  using a new and old stamp set.

Here is the inspiration card designed by Donna.

Directions for pop out mechanism.
 1. my card stock was 3x5  place the 4" side on your score board and score at 3/4", 1.5", 4.25"
     ( your piece added onto this can be any size as long as it doesn't show when the card is closed) the         idea is the  have three score lines with three flaps all the same width- one on one end and two on        the opposite end).  Burnish all folds the same direction. If your making a window on the front of          the card, be sure your opening is far enough away from the crease of the card or you'll see your            pop up through the opening. 
2.   add your adhesive to the 2 end flaps.  Remove the adhesive backing from the end with one flap            and put it right up against the crease of the card, lay the front of the card on top of it so that it is          adhered to the front inside.
3.  Now open card the and lay the pop out against the inside/front with the second score line                     folded over.  Remove the backing from the adhesive on the end section then fold the card base             onto the pop up  mechanism adhering this to the card back. This will give you a piece that pops           away from the back of the card 3/4ths an inch that you can attach something to.  It will lay flat for       mailing, yet pop out when the card is opened for a nice surprise.

A  top  folding card is also nice - 4.25x11  scored at 5.5 this one is nice because there is more room to write your message on the botom under the pop out.
1.  Cut a window in front of card if desired be sure not to cut to close to the crease (stay about 3/4ths" inch away)
2.  cut a piece of card stock  4.25" x 6"  score at 3/4ths", 4 1/2, and 5 1/4
3.  repeat as above with the adhesive on the 2 end flaps.
4.  remove the adhesive backing from the end with one crease line and lay it right on the crease, fold the card front onto this piece.
5.  Remove the adhesive backing from the other end and folding on the second score line close the back of the card onto it.

This will give a pop out that is the full width of the card, as I said you can make it larger like this or smaller,  just remember that you need three scored lines and three sections all the same width.  one flap on one end and two on the other.  (Jennifer McGuire has a nice video on this fun fold card.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

AOL for Try Stampin on Tuesday 😞

Sometimes life just gets busy and you wonder when you can get off the merry-go-round!!  We made a quick trip out west for a family reunion. Extended family we had never met before so that was nice, but really made me busy when we got home. The garden and I had ordered cherries and blueberries. They came in while we were gone so that needed taken care of right away. I work part time but this week I'm on for all week! All the work I needed to get done had be be finished before the 23rd. I had 4 days, felt like I needed to go to work so I could show down and rest. 😀 .
I'm planning to be back in the line up for the July 31st posting. The cards for the 24th posting we're fabulous, check them out!!
Happy stamping everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#372 Try Stampin' challenge

Hello, here we are with another challenge.  Summer is a harder time for me to stamp as I have lots of garden produce to take care of.  Do you find that your not stamping as often?  I try to keep up with all the challenges and do all the outside/inside jobs - picking and canning or freezing.
For this card I turned the image and then sponged some, I do believe I've told you that I enjoy sponging cards  😃 

Here is the sketch; Why don't you take a few min. and give it a try.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Try Stampin' challenge 371

It's Tuesday!!! time for another challenge!!!  I thought this sketch would be an easy one to do and has lots of possibilities.  I would love to see what you do with it.  Someone gifted me with some of this new DSP and it is really lovely, I may need to get some of it.   😃      Our theme is textures - I embossed the new petal pink piece and the Happy Birthday is popped up.  Is that enough texture?  I think so!!

Here's the sketch---

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July technique challenge - paper tearing.

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I feel like I haven't been here for a long time.  I actually pre-posted some of the June entries so I could spend time with my sister who lives in Florida and was here for our nephews wedding. We had a great time!!!

My technique card actually has two different types of paper tearing.  One of my favorite (I have many-tee hee)  types of stamping is paper tearing and sponging. I used a post it note and tore it then placed on card then sponged to make the mountains and road.  Wouldn't you just love to be riding a bike past such a neat view?
The second type of paper tearing was on the card stock piece that I placed my focal image (above) on.  This is like what Dianne showed in her video and card.   
This can be applied to a card in so many ways, check out all the other designers for their card inspirations.  

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