Tuesday, September 13, 2022

TSOT 573

 Isn’t Pinterest a great place to go and see cards-get inspiration??!!! Well I. Think so!  I was looking for a simple card for my card class on Tuesday and saw a card similar to this-I don’t think it is copied exactly. I don’t usually do that but like to get an idea and then add to or take away-make it my version.   

I may be too late to get on the Try Stampin challenge but decided to get it on my blog.  I worked up a bushel of tomatoes today.  Had 4  Little helpers late afternoon through early evening.  I’m bushed!!!! This time of year I get weary of canning! 

Optional Theme: Inspired by a Book

TSOT 591. Fun panel card

 Our technique this time is layering. I decided to not follow the sketch and just do some layering. I’m not sure this is what they really me...