Monday, May 6, 2019

Challenge 407 Sun set beauty

Both, I did both!!  at least the way I see it. 😊
I love to make one layer cards with sponging and masking.  That is what I've done on this card .  I masked off the sun and then used the glycerin sponging technique. I have heard of 2 different ways to do this.  On this card I put down a layer of glycerin on the whisper white card stock with a sponge then added all the colors on top of that.  It really helps the colors to go on smoothly and easily, they also blend really nice!!!   the second way I've heard to do this is to put a drop or two of glycerin on a stamping acrylic block and add the color of ink to the block with stamp pad/marker. Mix on the block then add to the card with your choice of sponges/make-up brushes.  I've also made a card with this in the past not sure which I like the best.  I suppose putting the glycerin down first allowed me to add many small amounts of color - as in the sky- without using so many different blocks.

oh dear just looked at card again and it is not a one layer!!  I've mounted it up -- guess I was thinking of the focal image having no layers on it. 😉

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