Tuesday, February 9, 2021

TSOT challenge 493 - peek a boo birthday

This is a very unusual card layout,  I've never done one like it but it was fun with the suggested theme - Peek a boo.  I've had these dies for a while and never used them so it was fun to pull them out.  I altered the "tree" trunk and  animals - stamped them then cut them out to add to the plain trunk where my opening peek a boo was placed.  Thanks for stopping and I do hope to see how you've interpreted this design.

Optional Theme: Peek a Boo


  1. Wow your vision is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing this absolutely terrific peek a boo card concept. I have these dies too and would have never thought to use them in this way, but I'm going with your permission to totally try this out! Can't say enough about this over the top adorable card! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. Clever idea, Vicki! This would make a fun card for just about anyone!!!


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