Monday, May 28, 2018

The Impossible Masculine card for the Blog Hop

This is the impossible card but I have to tell you that it is possible! :0)   I pulled out some new and old stamps that I have and made a card for one of the home improvement/carpenters that are in this family.  The base was made with the new to me turnabout stamp.  So easy to do in my Stamparatus - that's Stampin' Ups new "power tool"  that will be available June 2nd when the new catalog goes live. Don't you just love all the new stamping "power tools" that are out on the market now!  There will be a list of all participants in this blog hop at the end of this posting - check them out!!!

So how do you make the impossible card, you ask.  Let me share with you just how easy this is!!
  (Video Below- this is something new I'm trying and not sure I have it right.)

A-6 card
 Take a piece of 4 1/2 by 6 1/4 (heavy weight works best) card stock  (some DSP won't work real well for the base as it isn't heavy enough, if you have heavy weight DSP give it a try.)

1.  On the short side using a pencil lightly draw a line on the down the length in the middle - 2 !/4
2.  On one of the long sides lightly draw a line from the edge to the middle line
       at 1 1/4 and  5.
3.   Turn the card 180 degrees to the opposite long edge and draw a line at 3 1/8th from the edge to the middle line.
4.  Now with your scoring tool and a ruler - score the section in between the 1 1/4th and 5" on your pencil line.
5  Three cuts is all you need, the three lines going from the LONG edges to the middle line.

 6. Fold this middle section up.

7.    With the card stock held in my left hand and the long side with the 3 1/8th cut at the bottom.  I take the edge that is shaped like a backwards "L" and flip it back.
That's it!! not impossible at all !!!  Now just decorate and have fun. If you're like me and watching a video is easier then never fear just keep scrolling down and there will be a video for you to watch.

Not sure what I did but this doesn't work

VICKI MILYARD  you are here

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