Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wax paper resist

 this is a fun way to use your embossing folders and add color to you white cardstock. 
1.  cut a piece of wax paper the size of your embossing folder
2. take 2 pieces of shimmery white cardstock (glossy works great if you have any)
3.  sandwich the wax paper between the shimmery cardstock (or the glossy sides)
4. put your sandwich between a piece of scrap paper (to protect your iron from the wax)
5. set your iron on the cotton setting then press and hold for 10 seconds move and press and hold again. DO  NOT run it back and forth as the image will not be as crisp and nice.
6.  Take the wax paper our and now you have two pieces with the design of your embossing folder - no they are  sort of like a positive and one negative.
7. Using the stamp pads and brayer add color to the piece, as you add the color the design will appear, when finished rub an old cloth or paper towel over to get the extra ink off.
8.  NOW makd a card, use as a background or cut and use in any way you like.

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