Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flip Flop Card

  this is a fun way to make an unusual card. 
1.  mark the center and half inch on either side of center on your cardstock and framelit
2.  lay the framelit on the cd.stock with the centers matching on to of a cutting plate
3. take your second cutting plate and line just the .edge of  it up with the line half inch from center. Carefully holding it in place run this through the big shot.  If you did this right it should only have cut the side of the framelit.
4.. Now repeat with the other side when this is done there should be an inch space in the center that was not cut this is where you fold.  one side forward the other backward 
5.  when you open the card the middle shape will flip around as seen in the next picture. 
this can be done with all shapes and sizes, just remember to leave a center section that is not cut!!

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