Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Masculine Card for CCC #113

It's time for another challenge at the Creative Card Crew blog.  We've been challenged with a Masculine Theme for the next two weeks.  Now don't let this scare you off, I know making for women can seem so much easier but men are just as thankful for a homemade card. (many aren't quite so picky)  Our wish for you is to be challenged and sometimes going out of our comfort zone is good.  So I'll be waiting to see what you come up with.

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Prize: 3 digi's

I have two pictures for you today. The first is my card, it is stamped as I have lots of stamps that go or men and don't have any digi's.
  I often fall back on a farm scene for men since we live on a farm and farming community.  I did one of my favorite techniques - sponging.  I really love how it turned out.  It was so easy to do the barn because I'm the now owner of the stamping tool called the MISTY.  Oh my if you haven't seen this tool you should check it out.  It made stamping the barn soooo easy with all the different marker colors I used.  I'm glad I invested in it and would recommend to to all.  It is made by My Sweet Petunia, and there are You Tube videos of it in action.

Now for my second picture - Have you ever asked yourself - How did she do that?  I have many times!  This is a picture of some of my "tools of the trade". :0)

There are two brushes -  one is a regular brush with a really fine tip and the other is a watercolor brush. It has the water in it so you don't have to have a cup of water sitting to spill and ruin your card. Ask me how I know about that, grrr, tee hee. The plastic lid is what I use to put my color on.
I could not do the sponging technique without sponges. I get round ones then cut them in wedges and attach the name on the top, one sponge for each color.  You'll see beside the sponge there something that looks white.  Well that is a scrap piece of packing styrofoam that I cut.  I used it so give the grass a textured look on the hill to the barn.  So many times there are things in our houses that we can use in our crafting and just need to be encouraged to try new things.
Laying on the plastic lid is a white piece of paper towel. I use them to make clouds in the sky and did that on this card.  I love how the paper towel is a little jagged when torn and that is so much more realistic looking.
The tools listed above are all sitting on the MISTY check them out if you haven't.

I thank you for suffering through my rambling post.  I just hope that something that I've shared will help and challenge you to try something new. Have a great day and come back again to see more of Vicki's Visions.

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