Friday, May 1, 2015

Tin Can Vase with homemade flowers

        I told you yesterday if you stopped by to come back to see my vase made out of a tin can,  It is so easy to stay within a budget if you just stop and look around your house for things that could be used in craft making.  The only part of the flower arrangement that wasn't handmade is the spray of little white balls.  I made everything else out of card stock.  I made oodles of these for a wedding reception that I had in Ohio for my Son and Daughter-in-law.  They were married in her home state and many of our family/friends couldn't attend.

Have you used something in your house/office... in an unusual way?  I'd love to hear about it and see a picture.  Have a super weekend, thanks for stopping back to see the flower arrangements and if you didn't see yesterdays post you should jump back and see my tin can wrapped package.
  (sorry for the shadow I'm still trying  to figure out how to take pictures without that!)

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