Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recycled birthday wrapping!

I used my image for a birthday gift I made then realized that I didn't follow the theme needed for yesterdays challenge at Creative Card Crew, Since it was done and I thought it turned out cute  I wanted to show you!! This was made for a wonder sister that I visited in Florida (hey Beth!!!) in March (had to keep picture till now).
  Made from a tin can, when you want to use a tin can for a gift you need to open the opposite end with a can opener the kind that actually divides and takes off the whole end ,  I know some ends are rounded and  you can't anymore so you have to be picky as to which one you use.     Be sure and empty your tin can :) ha ha ha  make something yummy with the contents.(you wouldn't have room for your gift if you didn't: tee hee)      Wash well and leave to dry.        Decorate the tin (so the pull tab in on the bottom) in your own special way for the recipient. Be sure to make a top decoration for after you put your gift in and close it up.        After the decorating is done put your gift inside and then use a strong liquid glue to adhere the end that you  used a can opener to take off.  I often use TOMBOW mullti liquid glue a glue gun works also.      When the gift is given many just look at it trying to figure out how you filled and reused it, it is fun and a way to recycle all those tin cans that are used in the kitchen.     I also used tin cans for my flower arrangements that I made a couple years ago when I had a reception for my Son and Daughter-in-law. Just looked back and I guess I've never posted a picture come back tomorrow and see the Lovely center pieces that my friend Carole and I made.  NOW remember the base is a simple tin can. Try you hand at this fun type of wrapping for a package, I'd love to hear your comments or see a special wrapped package you made.

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