Saturday, November 14, 2020

Joy of Sets Blog Hop - Thankfulness

 Thankful for so many things this year.  Some are happy thanks and some are sad.  Have you ever been thankful for a sad event?  My sister-in-law fought a battle with cancer the first of the year. We’ve all moved on since her “Home Going” on February 26th. This thanksgiving season will be so different! Since I now care for my mother-in-law in our home our celebration will be at a different location for my husbands family.  

Then my father went into a nursing home this past February and that has been a challenge.. If you don’t have a loved one in that type of facility  it’s like pulling teeth to even get to see them. Since all the Covid scare has been in this world I believe I’ve seen my father twice, wearing a mask not being able to touch him staying 6 feet apart-- traveling 2 hours for their allowed 15 minutes!!  He has the beginnings of dementia and this is not helping him at all! Hopefully if the facility doesn't change their stipulations we will be Seeing him for Thanksgiving!

 I have always hosted Thanksgiving(past 30 years) and love decorating my home for that season. This year we will be having Thanksgiving at my brothers house and my Father will be there,  yes he'll have to quarantine for 14 days after returning but he wants to come.

Goodness Vicki you say get on with the blog post! Well I just had to make a wall hanging for my home even though we're not hosting.  I bought the wooden Gather with Grateful Hearts wall hanging,  It's so easy to take something nice yet a little plain and spruce it up with a little stamping, coloring, and cutting  fun. What do you think? 

If your hopping around there is a list of all who are participating at the bottom of this post, next in line is       Pia Gerhardt    just click on her name and you'll go to her page :0)                                    

Thank you for stopping by and I would be so grateful to know what you think of my wall plaque.  I'd love to see yours if I've inspired you to get creative and add to something bought.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all that you are able to be with.  I know some places are still in lock down and are really having a hard time.  God will be with us in these troublesome times, just look to Him for peace and comfort.  He never changes even though this world does - He's the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  We can be thankful for that!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Your project is lovely. Hope your Thanksgiving is happy however it turns out.

  2. Lovely piece of home decor Vicki and I really feel your pain. I am in the same position with my mother in a home. Lets hope next year brings better things. x

  3. So sorry to hear about the difficult year you've had so far Vicki - I hope Thanksgiving proves a peaceful time for you all - I love your plaque - Home Decor is not as popular here in the UK but sometimes I'd really like to have a go. Thanks for being part of the Joy of Sets Blog Hop again.

  4. beautiful home decor!! love it all!!! the sunflowers really embellished your piece!!


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