Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A favorite vacation - TSOT #417

When I saw the theme for our challenge at Try Stamping on Tuesday I decided I wanted to try my hand at doing a card with the sand dunes. One of our favorite spots to go when our children were growing up, we had four boys, was the Sand Dunes in Colorado. Seems like there was never an end to them. You would get to the top of what you thought was the tallest one and see more spread out before your eyes! I know I didn't capture it as well as a photo but I've never claimed to be an artist, just trying to be creative with my stamps.  I asked one of the boys what the card reminded him of relating to vacations and he said the Sand Dunes, maybe I didn't do a terrible job of depicting them?  The pictures below my card was from  a few years ago but I couldn’t resist. One of those boys is a Daddy three times over and another one will be getting married in Sept.  Out youngest two still live at home and we love having them even though they are 25 and 27.
 Thanks for stopping bye why don’t you give it a try.  What was one of your favorite vacations with your family or by yourself show is on a card you make for this fun challenge.

THEME- Vacation

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