Tuesday, October 23, 2018

TSOT #382 Have fun with die cuts!!!

Hello everyone, I'm so glad you stopped by we have a fun optional theme for you, die cuts!!  They give the card just that little bit of "class."  I always tell my people that the die machines - let's face it there are many different kinds- are the stampers "Power tools"!  Just like a power tool helps my husband and four boys do quicker and better work with whatever they are working on.  My Big Shot helps me do a quicker and better job on cards and scrapbooks and handmade items for the home and making things for a  craft sale and .......   :0)         I could go on but won't.     

My card has die cuts on it!!! I love the season of fall and enjoy putting a wreath on my front door that I have made. This wreath will not go on my door but it will go to someones house.  It was made with die cuts and then to follow the layout of the card the three "boxes" are there just not turned.
  I hope you'll give this card a try it was a good one and lends its self to many different types of cards as you can see with all the designer cards.  Have fun!!!!!

 Optional Theme: Die Cuts

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