Thursday, October 26, 2017

Stamping Again!!

Tuesday Oct.24th I had my monthly stamp get together with my 4th Tuesday of the month group.
My youngest sister Beth (from Florida flying home from Cincinnati Airport) and I got to my home in Ohio Sunday eve.  I got right to work Monday designing a card for them.  We used re-inkers in 2 different ways.

  The first we dropped ink onto cool whip lids and picked up the ink with sponges then sponged color onto glossy card stock (if you drop the ink on the glossy card stock you end up with a dark "dot" where the ink dropped).  Stamped the leaf veins from the Colorful Seasons stamp set (using the photopolymer is so nice you can see through the stamp and pick where you want the colors on your leaf shape) then die cut them out.  This is such a fun technique and you'll never have two alike, like real leaves or sisters!  :0)

The second technique was the baby wipe and re-inkers technique.  Fold an alcohol free baby wipe in half or fourths and then placed them on the cool whip lids to make "stamp pads" Using the smaller solid leaf we used our homemade ink pads and stamped around on the front.  Each of these leaves will also be unique and different.

Everyone received a detail cut leaf cut from the copper foil sheets and copper trim to decorate the front of their card.

Sometimes I'll decorate the inside of the card also(see below).  We cut some smaller leaves from the glossy also. Some of the ladies cut the branch out of the brown layer before assembling their card to use inside. I enjoy doing that just don't always show it here.  Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to get back into this blog more now that things are quieting down some, well I hope it does, I'm worn Out!! Have a good day and remember to do something crafty everyday!! just because it is fun and so rewarding.  Even in her hospital bed Kathleen was doing her plastic canvas making gifts for others.

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