Monday, October 5, 2015

Something New!!

I have been playing around with something new to me.  It has been out there but I just haven't jumped on the band wagon till now.  It is called Pergamano and it is mostly done with Vellum.  Oh my my but you can make some really pretty things....if you have a little bit of time.  This is one of those styles of stamping that will take some effort but sooooo worth it in the end.   I want to show you my first attempt, now be sure to get ready to leave me a comment :0)

Well what do you think????!!!!  I thought it turned out 
good.  I used vellum for the the top - flowers, and piece with inspiration saying.  A colored piece under it to help the embossed vellum to show better.  Placed all on a white piece that I textured with the score board.
I did buy a few of the Pergamano tools (there are a lot available).  On this card I only used
3 different sizes of Stylus a 1mm , 1.5mm, and one called hockey stick. The hockey stick resembles its name, it will do larger areas leaving a smoother look.  I also used an embossing pad, this helps give the vellum some flex.(anything soft and yet firm would work)  okay here is how it is done.
1.  Stamped the image of flowers on a piece of Heavy vellum with a white pigment pad (I used Brilliance Moonlight White)   Allow this to dry for about 20 min. Because it's pigment ink and on the vellum which isn't as porus as card stock you'll have to let it sit.
2.  After it is dry, turn the image over onto the embossing pad (stamped side down). Rub with wax paper (helps the stylus to run more smothly).  Trace over the lines in your image with a stylus. It is better to do this lightly then go back and trace again,  a lighter hand is better so you don't rip the vellum by pressing to hard.  
3.  On the card above I followed the 2 steps above then cut out the flowers.
4.  To get the rectangle design above I used a spellbinders die, placed it on top of a piece of my velum on the embossing pad and traced the design with a stylus (no stamping).                                   5.  Assemble card.
NOTE:  Adhering vellum can be tricky to do so it's not visible from the front.  I used Crystal Effects, it seemed to dry clear. I did try to add it behind an area where there was a design.   I have found NO tape type adhesive that don't show. (not even the ones that say they are for vellum)  If you know of something PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me what you've used. Thanks

So what do you think of my newest "vision"?  I love to read comments, if you do leave one, let me know where you can be found and I'll stop by and see you.  Have a blessed week.   Vicki 

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