Thursday, June 18, 2015

Watercolor Wings #2

Well here I am again with another Watercolor Wings I was playing around with odd substances for textured stenciling -I think this turned out really neat but then I am the creator.  Don't forget to look around your house for anything that might make a neat background.  (see picture below for my "stencil")
     Stenciled the back ground with  Sky Blue then stamped the butterfly. (since I was using a dark color for the butterfly I didn't worry about going on top of the back ground.) used only 2 layers for the butterfly, not sure you can tell though.  I first stamped in Blackberry Bliss then took one of the layers and added dazzling details with the tip then stamped this gave just part of the butterfly wings a sparkle. (be sure to clean off stamp quickly if doing this as the dazzling diamonds is like a glitter glue and you wouldn't want to ruin your stamp.) Adhered the top layer onto a blackberry bliss layer then used dimensional to pop that up on the sky blue card base.  I like the simplicity of this card!

          I'm not sure where this material came from but it made an interesting back ground textured look for my card.  As I said don't be afraid to try new things often times an opps can turn into an Ohh-La-La!!!  Forgot to tell that I used a watercolor brush and a gray to lightly add color around the butterfly. I felt this made the butterfly pop out a little.  thanks for stopping and any comment would be greatly appreciated!

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