Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stmping with Beth in Florida #1

I haven't posted for  almost 2 weeks: I flew the coup and went to Florida to visit my sister Beth.  I had such a good time visiting with Gail, walking the dogs with Jako, one day Josiah had eggs for me to gather!! and we went to Lighthouse point to see the lighthouse.  It wasn't open for tours but it was still neat  STAMPING was our main activity after the nephews were in bed!!  Beth is my sister but she is also my stamping daughter. :)    I took along some of the sell-a-bration and occassions caty products that I knew she didn't have and we played, played, played.  She in turn had some that I didn't have and we used it as well. I will be sharing what we created do keep your eyes open for any post titled Stamping with Beth!
     The week before I left I had a stamp class. I had some precut products left so I took that along and that is the first card we created.  One of the things I like about stamping is that everyone can be creative and "do their own thing".  There is no right or wrong way to stamp or put together a card.  It is all in how you see it and like it.
               Beth                                                                                Vicki

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  1. Gorgeous!!! LOVE the inking !!! What a wonderful sentiment! Thanks for coming by my blog, so sweet of you! Have a wonderful weekend!!!