Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Try Stampin 330

Wow it is already just about the middle of July!!  I knew that July was going to be busy for me so stamping is taking a back seat on my time.  I did get this card done I used this floral hello from the top of my desk.  I colored it some time ago but never made a card with it, time was limited so I hope you all will forgive me for using something that I had already stamped and colored . I turned the card so that the hello would fit across it and then put the three banners below.  The two background banners were made from washi tape. The background seemed to need something so I added glitter glue on it and smeared it around with my finger.

Thank you for stopping by - I do hope you have checked out all the other designers, their cards are lovely.  What have you stamped this past week?  Add it onto the Try Stampin Page and let us see.

You can get there with this link - try stampin on Tuesday
Optional Theme: Portrait

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