Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life is Sweeter... Try Stampin' challenge #310

Hello everyone, hmmm wonder who is reading this?  Have you ever wondered if anyone reads or looks at your blog?  If you would be so kind I really would like to know if anyone reads this blog, I spend a little time trying to make it a nice place to visit and just wonder if anyone is...visiting.

Time for another Try Stampin' card challenge, our theme for the next two weeks (if you choose to use it) is Sweet Thoughts,
When I designed this card sketch I just picked a shape for the front and now that Valentines Day is past seems many of us have substituted with a different shape and you know what... that is just fine! So if you have an idea go for it!!!

I'm posting this on Sat. and one of my weekly chores that I do on Sat. is to make cookies for the weeks lunch boxes.  I found out quickly (having four sons and a husband working) that if I left the cookies in the tuperware container that I use for them after baking that by mid week I was baking again.  Now although Life is Sweeter when baking  :0)  I do get tired of it.  My solution!!!!  make a double batch on Sat. and put enough in bags in the freezer for the week!! (they all know that the cookies in the freezer are only to be used in lunch boxes) So that is up next on my agenda for the day.   What about you? do you have tricks that make your life easier? I'd love to hear about it.

My card : Sweet thoughts... in my house include anything chocolate! We live on a farm and have chickens that lay brown eggs. (Not sure what I'd do with a white egg-ha ha ha)

Thought I'd try a little creative photo taking, what do you think? Does it help or take away from the card?
 Have a wonderful day and I do hope you'll decide to play with us, oh and thanks for stopping by.   :0)

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  1. Yes, I read your blog and I like your card. Also, like your story about making cookies. When my three were younger (and I was too) I made cookies all the time. They still talk about my cookies and really appreciate them.