Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Try Stampin On Tuesday challenge 294

Hello everyone, I do hope you have had a good time with all the Christmas ideas that have been coming out this month.  My life has taken a drastic change, what do they say...one never knows what tomorrow will bring!!    On October 1st I fell down my front steps and broke both bones in my left ankle.  I have since had surgery, I'm now part bionic woman :0)  (ankle of  screws and a long plate)  I am non-weight bearing for the next 4-6 weeks!!!  (I worked ahead on the last 2 weeks challenges and had them done and preposted)

I'm so glad this little penguin hasn't broken his flipper!!  I had to make this card from memory as I had finally gotten to my craft room only to realize that I couldn't get my lap top in there with me to remind myself what the card layout was.  I did not do any piercing sorry.  I'm now in my queen (only female in this house, my birth name) Victoria "throne" lazy boy chair with my foot up, after working for an hour and a half  I was ready to get it up.  It is after 6 now and help has arrived to get me situated with the lap top.  Here is the card suggested layout I didn't do to bad at remembering, I think.   :0)       Try Stampin On Tuesday Holiday challenge 294

My card:  There is a little shaker on this card filled with snowflakes and a bit of glitter.  Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you'll give this fun sketch a try!!   
Thanks for letting my ramble above about life and the interesting ways it can change.  I am thankful that I wasn't hurt any worse and that the pain hasn't been terribly bad. I'm blessed that our two  Families have stepped up to be of assistance.  God is good!!!!

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