Thursday, November 27, 2014

Craft Sale #4 curvy boxes

Stampin up's Curvy Box is soooo fun to decorate!!!  The box is cut with 2 pieces, glued together and then the top closes and opens for adding a small treat or gift.  This box was so fun to play with and so many people shared all their ideas on Pinterest.  (a great place to go to get inspiration)  I had ordered this die the beginning of October and it was back ordered so I went to a friends house and cut some shapes to play with thinking that my die would be in soon.  Well It actually didn't arrive to me till the day after the sale.  I had one of everything that I made and sold all but about 3 of them.  This turkey was one I made after the sale and the box with the flowers was one that was left. (I actually had a few of  this one with the orange box and flowers sold 2 I think)  I forgot to get pictures of the others I made so I will be posting them as I make them again to show you.  The nice thing about these boxes is that you can open and close them and it doesn't ruin the cute box that the gift came in.  You can see the top on the orange one.  The one side has a hole and the other side has the half circle that fits into the hole to hold the box closed. 

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