Friday, July 18, 2014

Envelope: card gift package

How about a little gift package for a friend, relative, employee....  It was made from 2 envelopes put together and covered with designer paper.  The ribbon will hold it closed and if you look inside it has 2 pockets for the gift of cards and envelopes that you will be giving. The ribbon on the inside will also hold a pen for that special someone to write with.  Go ahead and put postage stamps on the envelopes and your friend will be ready to pick up this sweet little gift and send off some letters.  It would be especially neat to give to a sick friend who you know will need to send thank you cards out (or sympathy cards,  just whip up a half dozen thank you, sympathy cards and give them a little gift to make them smile.   If you don't know anyone sick or in need of sympathy cards just give to someone to let them know that they are special, sometimes the unexpected gift for no real reason is especially nice and appreciated.   Have a wonderful day!!
I have 6 cards and envelopes in this one.

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