Saturday, May 24, 2014

DSP gift bag

I don't normally add posts on the weekends but I just made this gift bag.  I have looked at many tutorials for DSP gift bags and like them but I wanted one bigger.  This one measures 12"  x  7 1/2 , it is 4" wide, just a really nice size.  I added an extra piece to the bottom of the DSP for the bottom of bag ( this isn't seen anyway)  Folded the top down(1") and added small light weight pieces of  card board inside the fold over to add strength for the handle.  I braided the twine that matched the decorative piece that runs around the base.  You can use single sided dsp for this as I did here or I could see using double sided and turning the top down over the front to see both designs then adding the handle.  I did add a light weight piece of card board inside for the bottom to add strength.  I will be making more of these to have on hand, it will fold and lay flat for storage  :) 

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