Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Challenge 380 for TSOT

I'm back and oh does/did it feel good to  be able to craft again.  I probably should have been putting the room back together that just got painted but a girl has to have some down time - right?!!!!!

   Our suggested theme was embossing and I wanted to show how to emboss with your die cuts!  Yep you read that right, if you haven't heard of this one it really will let you get some more "omph" out of your dies and $$. (You will need some embossing mats for this technique) I have added a few pictures for you to see below and that will help show just how to expand on the use of your dies.

This card is made using a old die cut background which is pictured below actually cut out.  I embossed the design onto the piece of Coastal Cabana. After taking the picture I decided to use this for a 40th anniversary card and embossed a small Happy Anniversary so it is doubley embossed in two ways!

This has been embossed with a die that will only emboss not cut on the left side.

Die on cd.stock with some spaces popped out.          This shows the cut piece laying on black cd.stock

 This shows how a smaller die cuts the shape out and the detail
                          This show how the die embosses the detail on the shape without cutting it out.
jYou can do this with ANY die cut no matter how plain or intricate it is.

 Well I do hope you have been inspired to go and give this technique a try.   Stampin Up sells the mats needed to emboss with your dies.  If you don't already have a demonstrator I'd love to help you out.  Just leave a comment and how I can reach you and I'll help.  If you do have a demonstrator I'm sure she'll love to help. They come in a bundle and really aren't that expensive,  well worth spending a bit more to take your dies to a new level!!!   

  Don't forget to check out all the other cards, they are amazing - we all are different in how we interpret a design and theme.  Don't let it scare you off - just do your own thing!!!    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September technique challenge - Fun Fold cards!!

I love doing fun fold cards and this one is easy - directions below.

One of my enjoyments with card making is water coloring. I think it is such a relaxing way to  make many different looks.  Here I embossed the image with white and then water colored .  I love the softness of this, you can get different shades of the color your using just by adding more water.  If you don't have actual water colors like I used with this card, I've also done water coloring with a stamp pad and markers so don't let that stop you.  Just take a water based marker (Stampin' Up/ Crayola/Tombow) and scribble some color on a white surface -like a cool whip lid- and then add water. With a stamp pad just squeeze to get ink on the lid then add water or you could swipe the pad on a cool whip lid to transfer the ink. If you've used the lid of your stamp pad and have a lot of water in it I'd probably wipe it off with a paper towel, if it's not real watery just leave it for the next time you decide to do some water coloring it will dry but you can re-activate it with ..... water 😊

I added the Hello sentiment by cutting it three times and layering it so it pops a bit.  Oh yes that was Augusts technique challenge - add dimension without using pop dots or adhesive foam tape.


This card is a fun one to make - it is different, will fold flat for mailing yet has a nice base for the recipient to set it up.

Gray Piece is cut 4 1/4 x 11  score it at 5 1/2, 7, 9, 10 1/2
Fold and burnish all score lines in the same direction.   
To assemble this base piece, lay your card stock on a flat surface up to the 7" fold line. Now add double - sided tape to the small 1/2" end section, remove the backing and fold under to adhere to the back of the card.  This will form a "box" on the bottom of the card so it will sit on a table.  When this is mailed the card needs to fold up on the 5 1/2 score line to fit in regular size envelope.

White decorated piece
5 1/2 x 3 1/4  scored at  3 1/2, 5    
The large 3 1/2" section is my main section for stamping,  this is adhered to the "box" section on the card at the 7" score line, it will extend up above the box. Fold at the 3 1/2 and 5" lines and then add adhesive to the small 1/2 inch section to attach to the card base. Be sure to lay the card flat, folded at the 7" score line and fold the 1/2 back onto to the (gray) base of the card. ( Mine is about a half inch from the top of the card when folded flat in the middle -5 1/2- for mailing.)

Hope that is NOT as clear a mud.  It really isn't hard and is a different type of  fun-fold card.

The white piece can be any size or shape as long as you remember that the piece needs one end scored with the same width as your "box"(mine is 1 1/2") and a small section that will adhere to the card base (mine 1/2").  You also don't want to make it to much taller or it will fold up over the back of the card when it is laying flat to mail (mine is about a 1/2"  shorter than card base when folded).
I add a blank panel onto the back of the card for more space to write my personal message.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Family Fun for TSOT #377

Here is my Family Fun card for our 377th card sketch challenge.  Family Fun because this will go to some sweet youngster in the family.  Hopefully making them smile because the little elephant is dancing along the card (on the slider).  Sometimes he will even do a summersault. 😄

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Color challenge #4 for Try Stampin'

I always enjoy doing color challenges because then I can use any layout that I want.  These colors have such a wide range of possibilities.  I decided to go with darker shades than what's pictured.  What strikes your fancy when you look at this challenge?  I do hope many will join us it's always nice to see what others do with the colors.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

#376 Try Stampin' on Tuesday or Not

Hello, I have a fun interactive card for you today.  Out theme is "pop it up".  well my cards front panel will pop and swing out. I used a Crafty Cutts Dies designed by Michelle Cutts called the Flip-Flop  The front panel where the typewriter is will pop out when you pull on the little handle on the side.  By polling and pushing that piece the front panel will pop and swing open and close.  It can be made in three different sized and this is the medium size. Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to check out all the other designers cards AND come play with us!!!  We love seeing all your cards and the ideas you come up with, please remember that we make suggestions for you to stretch yourself but it isn't required. 

I wanted you to see how the front pops/swings out, it will lay completely back.  I wrote my birthday message on the back of the swing section.  I made a small video but when I add to this blog it won't play - anyone know how to do that on a blog?  When I click on the Insert Video icon I can pick a video to add and it seems to be downloading but this is all that comes up, any help would be appreciated. Just leave in the comments if you can help :0)
           Have a wonderful day and remember to do some stamping!!! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Try Stampin on Tuesday or Not challenge 375

It's time again, and our optional theme is Stripes.  Now I just so happened to have cleaned up my desk and found this scrap strip with stripes that I had made for another card awhile ago. Soooo it had to be used on a card for this challenge.  I decided to play with a new set and gear it for my husband.  One of those no special event or reasons other than because I wanted to cards.  I used the die that actually cuts a puzzle to emboss the blue piece beside the stripe piece.  The three puzzle pieces cut out were stamped then cut with the die that matches. 
Remember that our challenges run for 2 weeks, so that gives you plenty of time to come up with something and if you don't want to use the theme that's okay we just want you to stamp.  It is always good to challenge ourselves with something new but doesn't always work out when we get to crafting.  Have a wonderful day, thanks for looking and be sure to check out all the other designers.

Optional Theme: Stripes

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Try Stampin' on Tuesday #374


Hello everyone I'm so glad to be back!  I really do enjoy trying to come up with a card that will be an inspiration for you and possibly show you something new.  This card has the cut out windows in the front but on the inside it has a pop out panel.    There are many different types of cards that you could make with this concept. ( Directions will be listed below with picture of pop mechanism)

    Our theme is Anchors Away so I decided to do a water scene,  using a new and old stamp set.

Here is the inspiration card designed by Donna.

Directions for pop out mechanism.
 1. my card stock was 3x5  place the 4" side on your score board and score at 3/4", 1.5", 4.25"
     ( your piece added onto this can be any size as long as it doesn't show when the card is closed) the         idea is the  have three score lines with three flaps all the same width- one on one end and two on        the opposite end).  Burnish all folds the same direction. If your making a window on the front of          the card, be sure your opening is far enough away from the crease of the card or you'll see your            pop up through the opening. 
2.   add your adhesive to the 2 end flaps.  Remove the adhesive backing from the end with one flap            and put it right up against the crease of the card, lay the front of the card on top of it so that it is          adhered to the front inside.
3.  Now open card the and lay the pop out against the inside/front with the second score line                     folded over.  Remove the backing from the adhesive on the end section then fold the card base             onto the pop up  mechanism adhering this to the card back. This will give you a piece that pops           away from the back of the card 3/4ths an inch that you can attach something to.  It will lay flat for       mailing, yet pop out when the card is opened for a nice surprise.

A  top  folding card is also nice - 4.25x11  scored at 5.5 this one is nice because there is more room to write your message on the botom under the pop out.
1.  Cut a window in front of card if desired be sure not to cut to close to the crease (stay about 3/4ths" inch away)
2.  cut a piece of card stock  4.25" x 6"  score at 3/4ths", 4 1/2, and 5 1/4
3.  repeat as above with the adhesive on the 2 end flaps.
4.  remove the adhesive backing from the end with one crease line and lay it right on the crease, fold the card front onto this piece.
5.  Remove the adhesive backing from the other end and folding on the second score line close the back of the card onto it.

This will give a pop out that is the full width of the card, as I said you can make it larger like this or smaller,  just remember that you need three scored lines and three sections all the same width.  one flap on one end and two on the other.  (Jennifer McGuire has a nice video on this fun fold card.)