Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Try Stampin' #298 (flub up)

Okay I really blew it this time on following the sketch and theme.  I really thought I remembered what the sketch sorta looked like and went with it. Goodness know where I came up with what was in my head but it is NOTHING like the sketch!!!  My only excuse is that I'm still laid up with this bum ankle and didn't recheck it before going to craft room and starting to stamp.

Every year we raise turkeys for Thanksgiving.  They are butchered the Wed. before and that way we have fresh turkey, no preservatives, no additives no......     We grind our own feed and they are also out on pasture some.  I am the host for my side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner which is celebrated the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  Yep it will be a challenge this year, we've had as many as 30 here in the past but thankfully our number will be down considerably this year.  I usually do Turkey and dressing and everyone else brings the rest of the fixin's.  I made this card to send out with the dinner list.  

I would like to make another card sometime with the sketch as I think it would be a great one, just didn't have time before I needed to get this up on the blog.  Now remember if you have stamped something share it with us, even it it doesn't match up it's all about having fun and getting us to stamping.

Here is the intended sketch and the theme is Gate fold card  ( as I said earlier ??? where did I come up                                                                                                                           with my sketch???)
Have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends, it is a wonderful time of the year to remember all the good the Heavenly Father has done for us!!  (even with a broken ankle!! I could have broken my neck!! )  Bye Now

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